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Bathroom Renovations: Doing the Job Right

Why Is Your New Coat Of Paint Starting To Peel?

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Most homeowners take pride in being able to do some work around the house. A job often thought easy enough to be handled without professional experience is re-painting an inside wall. While it’s true you can learn some painting best practices by watching a TV show or reading a book, you might also be missing out on some nuances that could come back to haunt you. If you recently painted a room in your house, but the fresh coat is now peeling, you most likely made a rookie mistake. Before you reach out for a quote from local painting...

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Keeping Clean And Maintaining Longevity – Tips For Caring For Your Stained Concrete Floor

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Owning your own home can be a great source of pride and accomplishment, but it is not without its challenges. Home ownership means having to be responsible for a wide variety of maintenance tasks, including some that you may not even realize exist. Caring for concrete floors may fall in the latter category. If you have an unfinished basement, a garage, or another area with a concrete floor, it’s likely been stained by a company like Southwest Coating Solutions for strength and appearance. That stain needs to be taken care of over...

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Using Passive Cooling To Boost The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning

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An air conditioner actively cools air by controlling the evaporation of a liquid coolant. As the coolant evaporates, it absorbs heat from its surroundings. In this way, the evaporating coolant cools the air flowing into your home. While an air conditioner can be indispensable in helping you to survive in a hot environment, it costs a lot of money to run an AC unit through the summer. If you want to keep your home cool without breaking your budget, you need to back up the active cooling provided by your AC with passive cooling strategies that...

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Preventing Scale Buildup In Your Hot Water Heater

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Hard water can cause major problems to your hot water heater, reducing the life span of the appliance significantly. This happens due to the presence of lime and scale in the water which coats the surface of the electrodes in the heating element, interfering with the heating process. Scale can also cause pipe damage in the heater and home water supply. The insulation and pipe blockage caused by scale results in loud noises coming from the heater, energy wastage, and lowered quality of hot water in your home. Preventing scale buildup in your...

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Creative And Fun Ways To Re-Purpose Cardboard

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If you have found yourself with an excess of cardboard, you’ll be glad to know there are many things you can do with that extra cardboard. Read the information below to learn how you can re-purpose cardboard instead of letting it all go to waste. Turn cardboard rolls into cord holders If you have toilet paper, gift wrap or paper towel rolls lying around, you can use them to keep your electrical cords organized and free of tangling. You want to put one cord in each roll. You can put all the rolls in an appropriate sized box. This will...

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Reasons To Go With Stamped Asphalt For Redecorating Your Driveway

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It’s understandable that you can get a bit depressed staring at the same generic black driveway day after day. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to add decoration to your driveway to make it look like bricks, paving stones or some other style. Here is a guide going through why stamped asphalt is ideal for decorating any paved surface: What Is Stamped Asphalt? Stamped asphalt is a bit like gold plating in that it looks just as good on the outside as gold, but it’s not nearly as expensive as something made of solid gold....

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Pick One Of These 7 New Businesses In Barns: What Your Choice Says About Your Personality

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Pole barns are great bases for start up businesses. They’re easy to construct, meaning they don’t require hordes of engineers or craftsmen to build. They can be framed and finished on the inside to become any configuration of offices, studios, shops or storage space a business could want. If you could start one of the following 7 businesses in a pole barn, which would you select? Your choice may hold keys to your personality. Food service business: You don’t think people get enough to eat, or that they eat enough of the...

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How To Get Rid Of That Ugly Tree Stump

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If you recently had a tree cut down in your yard, chances are that a big ugly stump remains where the tree once stood tall. Getting rid of tree stumps can be tough, but it is not impossible. Try using one of these three methods to remove the stump one and for all. Herbicide It will take some very strong chemicals to completely remove your tree stump all the way down to its roots. There are herbicides powerful enough for removing tree stumps at home though. It is important that you select a herbicide that uses glyphosate. The benefits of using...

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How To Use An Electrical Circuit Tracer

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An electrical outlet that suddenly stops working is a common problem many people experience in their homes. The problem could be that the outlet has simply worn out and needs to be replaced, but at other times, it could be the result of the wiring in the wall going bad. Bad wiring could be the result of someone putting a nail through the wall to hang holiday decorations, or it could be the result of a mouse chewing through a wire as they move around inside your walls. Whatever the case, you will need to locate where the wire is damaged before...

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What’s That Smell? 3 Disgusting Things That Will Make Your Drains Stink

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If you’ve ever searched for a funky smell without success, you know how frustrating it can be to locate and eliminate odors in your home. While just about anything can cause your home to smell funny — including musty carpets, a dirty litter pan or overflowing trash can — drains are one of the most common culprits of unwanted smells. And the things that cause drains to stink are truly disgusting. So, if you want to figure out why your drains stink, following are three gross things that could be causing the odor.   Skin and Hair...

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